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Recapping Whitewashed Conference Culture: My Reflection On Dialogue About Race in Progressive Christian Spaces

Yesterday, I led a conversation on white supremacy in Indiana. Well not on white supremacy IN Indiana but at a conference for progressive Christians held in the state. Did you know that Indiana’s population is nearly 86% White? What’s interesting is that for the second weekend in a row I somehow ended up in conference space that managed to be even … Continue reading

Prep for “Martyrdom” because of the Gays?
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Prep for “Martyrdom” because of the Gays?

In a talk where she shared her opinions of the forthcoming SCOTUS decision regarding same-sex marriage, conservative religious commentator Sandy Rios noted that Christians should “prepare for martyrdom” in the event that the nation’s highest court ruled in favor of same-sex unions. Excuse me? Martyrdom?!?!? So, to be clear,  in the event of same-sex couples … Continue reading