Prayers / Spirituality

A Prayer for Journey and Purpose

In this moment I need to ask what are you requiring of me. I’m discerning so much and am getting  overwhelmed at because I can’t stop feeling.

I feel that I am meant to be in this place, at this time. I feel that you are allowing me to bear witness to all that I am. I feel that my presence is necessary but that all comes with a sense of burden.

I’m not asking that you take these feelings from me, I just ask that you help me manage them. Help me carry all that you are placing in my hands. Give me the capacity to lead with grace remaining in sync with your will. Grant me wisdom to navigate hard conversations and woundedness that I encounter. Help me to honor you as I seek to honor others in the work I am preparing to do.

I can’t do this by myself. I need you and I need those who will prop me up when I’m too tired to stand. So I also ask you to help me establish community. Give me those who will love me and journey with me as I walk this path. Bless the relationships we establish, allowing them to be fruitful and rich for them as well as for me.

Teach me what it means to serve in this place I find myself in and give me the confidence to know that I am here for a purpose.


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