My Thoughts / Prayers

A Prayer for Faith

Father, help me to trust you. You are calling me into deeper things than I’ve ever entered before and I’m terrified. I feel like I’m jumping off the biggest cliff and this time there’s no safety net. I don’t have the securities I had when I was younger, when you’ve told me to move before. While I suppose this is reflective of me growing in my faith I can admit that I’m scared.

Lord, I confess that I am fearful and I do so with no shame because I need you. God I need your peace, your discernment, your grace, your provision but more than anything, I need your presence. Just as I know you’ve gone before me to prepare the way, I need to know you will be by my side as I walk uncharted paths and go places you have purposed for me to go.

When my faith fails me, speak. When my trust waivers, sustain me. When everything seems crazy and in upheaval, remind me that you are the same God whose spirit hovered over the waters and chaos at the dawn of creation and whose word brings order and salvation.


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