Prayers / Spirituality

A Prayer for Rest

For the past few weeks I have been incredibly tired. Even in the moments where I had an ability to pause, my mind would race and I was off kilter because of it. This time made me reflect on the need for prayer to enter into rest.

God, I’m tired
I’m absolutely tired and am in deep need of rest
My mind is active and situations in my life are weighing on me
And I am longing for peace

Order my steps in such a way that I find things that bring me joy
In every situation where my peace seems to be compromised, remind me of something to help me hold on to it
Bring people into my world who are going to help me be at rest and silence those who seek to stir things up

In those moments where the noise of life and my circumstance is at its loudest, help me remember who I am
I declare over myself that I am whole,
worthy of grace, peace and love
And despite whatever lies before me I choose to walk in freedom knowing you are with me


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